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” –Max, 26, New York “They were busy or distracted.You might even send what you intend to respond with to your friends, too – just so you have a second opinion.Nothing you say, wear, or do gives anyone the right to hurt you.Both boys and girls are victims, but boys and girls abuse their partners in different ways.These red flags do not necessarily point to abuse down the road, but they are worth paying attention to. Your honest answers can help you determine if your relationship is healthy or if it is a cause for concern. Can you and your partner hang with friends separately or do you need to be in constant contact.Has few or no friends, is mean to strangers or staff, like servers.But these behaviors can lead to more serious violence like physical assault and rape.

True communication should be done face to face or a phone call so you can hear how someone says something or their expressions when they say it.

Maybe he mentioned it in passing and didn’t think you’d take him up on the offer.

If he doesn’t follow up a few hours later or the next day and try to continue the conversation then he’s not that into you.” –Vish, 26, New York Text message: You text him at 10 a.m.

If you can’t do that, give him a ring and get a vibe while you’re distant and it’s just a game.” –Jeremy, 26, North Carolina “Stop overanalyzing and remember that actions and the way you’re being treated are far better indicators than words.” –Jake, 27, South Carolina “OK, look – the further you go from good ol’ face-to-face interaction, the more opportunity there is for misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

The thing about texting is that it’s composed – we’re editing what we say, rephrasing things, intentionally leaving out punctuation…the point is, this form of communication is inherently unrepresentative.” (A week after your really great, amazing first date.) What we think: Oh, so you didn’t disappear on me!

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    Even the prospect of a loved one being unfaithful is painful and extremely disruptive.

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