Tantric sex lessons online

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Touch is a vital component of human relating often not included in mainstream couples counselling or general therapies.

While tactile therapeutic techniques are taught in this program, they are non sexual in nature. Tantra practice is fast gaining credibility as it is being increasingly identified for its value in having the capacity to honour our human condition.

Whether an individual or a couple wanting to practice together to deepen their union (utilizing their own polarity) it is through various tools of meditation, sensory awareness, breath, movement and mindful positioning of the body that clients learn how to harness and activate their energy centres.

Sexuality is deemed as a higher aspect of this vibrational portal for direct ascendance & enlightenment, hence its sacredness as ‘rite of passage’.

People of all ages and relationship status come along.

The Tantric Lounge is LGBTQIA-friendly and welcomes people of all sexualities and orientations.

When: 6.30-9.30pm Saturday Who: This Tantric Lounge is open to anyone who has attended the introductory Tantric Lounge, previous Tantric Lounges or one of my other workshops or retreats. Cost: per person When: 11.30am -1pm Saturday Who: This Introductory Tantric Lounge is open to everyone, and is a prerequisite for attending other Tantric Lounges if you haven't done any other work with me. Cost: per person When: Women 2-4pm Men 3-5pm Saturday Who: Separate Lounges for men and women.

For those who have attended the Intro Lounge or one of my workshops or retreats or done one of my online courses. The Men’s Lounge is run by my partner, colleague and co-facilitator of my Couples Retreats, Alain Moulay.

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