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The statutes of the DFB did not allow a change of club name for advertising purposes or an external investor to obtain a majority of votes.

Leipzig was considered a most favorable place for an investment.

In order to avoid future objections from the German Football Association (DFB), he resigned as player agent, before taking position as chairman.

The statutes of the DFB would not allow a player agent to be involved in the operating affairs of a club.

Red Bull Gmb H and the club were close to a deal, but the plans were vetoed by the DFB, who rejected the proposed new club name and feared too much influence from the company. Once it became clear to the Hamburg side that the company had plans far beyond conventional sponsoring, it immediately ended the contact, and the question never even made it to the club management.

The plans became public, it was known that the company wanted to acquire more than 50 percent of the shares and rumors spread that the company wanted to rename the club "Red Bull Düsseldorf" or similar.

The partnership meant that SSV Markranstädt would provide the initial core of RB Leipzig, as the basis for its leap into German football.

The city had a large airport, motorway connections and most importantly: a large modern football stadium.

Men's professional football is run by the spin-off organization Rasenball Sport Leipzig Gmb H.

RB Leipzig plays its home matches at the Red Bull Arena.

An investment in a club playing in one of the top divisions in Germany would have been a costly affair.

From previous experiences, the company knew that the existing traditions of such club would be a disadvantage.

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