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Owned by the Barrett family, who began making wines there in 1972, Montelena is the home of the Chardonnay that shocked the world by winning the “Judgment of Paris” in 1976, gaining Napa Valley international respect for the first time.

Visit the winery without a reservation to taste its world-class Cabernet Sauvignon, old-vine Zinfandels, that classic Chardonnay, and other varietals; and take a romantic stroll in the charming garden, too., another of the family-owned wineries that made Napa famous in the 1970s and continues to lead the way today, delivering five consistently wonderful top-rated wines every year.

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It’s a bit of a haul—seven hours from Los Angeles—but when you’re in love and have plenty of snacks and good tunes, it’s a mostly gorgeous drive with the Pacific Ocean by your side for much of it.There are so many incredible places off the beaten track (read: not jammed with other people) that also happen to be making some of the valley’s most renowned wines.But if I had to name two of the best, Chateau Montelena and Shafer Vineyards would be my picks.Soak first in Calistoga’s famous volcanic mud, then move on to the geothermal mineral waters burbling up from right below the spa, and end with a side-by-side massage.My boyfriend is visiting from the east coast next weekend and I was thinking of taking a drive from South Bay to Napa, have breakfast at really special place along the way and spend a day there.

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