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Paul’s career kicked off when he wrote and directed well-known short , and is due to release another film with Daniel Day-Lewis this year.Over the years he’s also become increasingly known for his music video work, collaborating with Radiohead, Joanna Newsom and Fiona Apple. Speaking of Anderson, I caught a distorted glimpse of "There Will Be Blood" this week at an exhibit by avant-garde filmmaker Phil Solomon, famous in the art world for creating stunning works out of abandoned or lost bits of celluloid, optically processed until they're nearly abstract. Fonda's suing the designers for six million dollars for using his likeness without permission. If this is all news to you (and even if it isn't), then scroll down to watch the new video for "Hot Knife," which gets the job done marvelously with a retro style and the help of Apple's sister, Maude Maggart. Elsewhere in the world of hot merch: Dolce and Gabbana should have known better than to start hawking "Easy Rider" tee shirts without checking with Peter Fonda, the star of the 1969 film. And that he occasionally takes breaks from directing award-winning art-house films to direct her music videos? It's beginning to sound like it may be all of the above. Efron, however, is already sort of a living action figure, so I reserve the right to withhold any anticipation until a properly adrenaline-jolting trailer is put forth.

He has also directed several music videos for musician Fiona Apple.

"The reality of me being able to live a life that self-consumed or selfish, it just—it's impossible," he said.

"But it's easy to kind of place yourself, to think, God, what would it be like?

He later dropped out of both Emerson College and New York University.

He returned home to direct the well-received short film, a coming-of-age story starring Mark Wahlberg that takes place inside the taboo world of pornography.

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