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A recent study from the American Psychological Association found some interesting results regarding the statistics of Internet predators and today’s youth.They found that the majority of Internet predators do not pose as children as the prior conception of the Internet predator stereotype was perceived.After 20 years of happily ever after, my husband awoke one morning in our Paris apartment a changed man, a man in a midlife crisis. We already had two kids and I was the other side of 40. He wanted to work endless hours, have a wife without children, hang with 30-year olds.Colleagues at your company and companies you collaborate with look for information about you on Google and use that information to make judgments upon you?Parental awareness of their teens’ online activities has risen significantly.

The findings are from the third annual survey Cox and NCMEC have fielded to help parents realize the potential dangers of the Internet.

I met a scientist from the Pasteur Institute who was absolutely fascinating, but stoned out of his gourd and five years younger than he had claimed.

I met a congressman who had been a doctor before joining politics and still couldn’t figure out how his last girlfriend had gotten pregnant, making him the 55-year old dad of an infant.

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