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The spire's large clock was installed in 1386, the oldest surviving mechanical clock in the world.The Cathedral also contains the best-preserved of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta.In May 1289, there was uncertainty about the future of Margaret, Maid of Norway, and her father sent ambassadors to Edward I.Edward met Robert the Bruce and others at Salisbury in October 1289, which resulted in the Treaty of Salisbury, under which Margaret would be sent to Scotland before 1 November 1290 and any agreement on her future marriage would be delayed until she was in Scotland.After the revolt collapsed, Buckingham was executed at Salisbury, near the Bull's Head Inn.

There is a seat for the Virgin Patroness of our church to which the world cannot produce a parallel.

His troops were not keen to fight Mary or her husband William, and the loyalty of many of James's commanders was in doubt.

The first blood was shed at the Wincanton Skirmish, in Somerset.

Work on the new cathedral building—the present Salisbury Cathedral—began in 1221.

The site was supposedly established by shooting an arrow from Old Sarum, although this is certainly a legend: the distance is over 3 km (1.9 mi).

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