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He travelled outside of Communist Hungary for the first time in 1987, spending a year in West Berlin as a recipient of a DAAD fellowship.

Since the collapse of the Soviet bloc, he has lived in a variety of locations.

Krasznahorkai flirts with surrealism, but without ever consummating the relationship.

His style is dense, and the story meanders at the pace of social change, gaining speed only by force of its own gravity.

Since completing his university studies Krasznahorkai has supported himself as an independent author.

David Holzman´s Diary : cinéma vérité satire from Jim Mc Bride.

The American poet Allen Ginsberg was of great assistance in completing the work; Krasznahorkai resided for some time in Ginsberg’s New York apartment, and he described the poet’s friendly advice as valuable in bringing the book to life.

After residing in Berlin, Germany for several years, where he was for six months S.

Preparation for the Festival : from director Kazuo Kuroki Ecstasy of the Angels : directed by Koji Wakamatsu A Boy Called Third Base : from Yoichi Higashi Tsugaru Folksong : directed by Kôichi Saitô Funky Forest: The First Contact : Surrealist effort from directors Katsuhito Ishii, Hajime Ishimine, and Shinichiro Miki sounds like plenty of fun.

Nomad : Kazakhstan epic directed by Czech émigré Ivan Passer along with Sergei Bodrov and Talgat Temenov, film has been internationally well-received.

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