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But the actual time a human can go without water varies wildly, mainly because our bodies must maintain water balance, and our fluid stores must be replenished as we sweat, urinate, and exhale.

Under extreme conditions, like strenuous exercise under the hot sun, we can sweat out 1.5 litres of water in an hour.

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It may flush toxins from the brain, or allow us to organize our thoughts into memories and knowledge.Fail to replenish this, and blood volume drops, sweating stops, and we become even hotter and more dehydrated, leading to death in mere hours.In a comfortable environment, however, an adult can last without water for a week or more.But as long as you take in Vitamin D to stave off rickets, you can live without sunlight.Your body's serotonin levels may be disrupted, though, which can affect your sleep and mood.

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